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Password Organizer

The Password Organizer is a document to help keep track of website logins - for parents and students. We recommend printing it on a bright colored paper, so you remember what it is & easy to find! This would be great to sit down and fill out once you child gets his or her laptop.

Parents please use one email when registering your parent accounts - use the same email you used for i-Now. If you ever lose a password some accounts have difficultly recovering passwords if you use multiple emails. Your iNow password is considered your main email and often associated with your account for security purposes.

The IT helpdesk cannot help recover a forgotten i-Now password. That can only be done by the school. Some accounts are through the school and others through the IT department. Hence, it makes things easier if you use one email for everything.


The Huntsville City Schools IT HelpDesk

HCS HelpDesk will be supporting our students and families with after school hours Monday-Thursday from 4:00pm-7:00pm.
The Huntsville City Schools “After Hours Call Center” is in Operation effective today. This service will be available the days that students are in school except for Fridays.

The HelpDesk phone number is 256.428.6900
They can also be reached via e-mail at:



If you want to access schedules, grades, absences, discipline, progress reports, report cards, and so much more then iNow is the place. InformationNow is where your child's demographic and academic information is viewable.
In iNow, you will have one account with all your children linked to that account. Visit the school office of one of your children with your driver's license to obtain your login information if you do not have it or lose it.





Edmodo is a tool used by teachers to communicate assignments to students. Access the classroom assignments, work, teachers, and more from anywhere using Edmodo.

Edmodo for Parents


It is not just for the kids. Parents can have their own Edmodo accounts to help keep up with assignments and contact teachers. How to set up parent's Edmodo account.

By creating a parent account, you can keep track of all your children's assignments. Teachers also use this tool to send messages to parents. Through your parent account, you can select to receive emails and/or text messages every time an assignment is made. The Calendar feature is particularly useful as you can see all the assignments due for the week or month.

Each of your children will have an individual account linked to their teachers through "class codes."  Parents have one account linked to their children through "Parent Codes."

SchoolNet (Benchmark tests)

At the end of each 9-weeks, the school district tests students to see how well they are mastering the standards for that grade/subject. The Benchmark tests are administered through a program called SchoolNet. You can log in to your child's SchoolNet account and view the scores, test questions, your child's responses, and the correct response. Typically scores are  available the Saturday after the week of testing.

Renaissance Learning (STAR tests)


STAR tests are administered by Renaissance Learning sometimes to high school students to gauge how students are performing in the areas of Reading and Math. The performance is compared to students across the nation. These reports are typically available immediately after your child has taken the test. However, once a new test is administered, older reports are no longer available.

All your children can be linked to one parent account. If you have problems accessing your child's STAR report online please contact your child's teacher. To set up a parent account follow these instructions. Also, the school system has provided help with deciphering the STAR reports.



IXL provides online math practice with tutorial help.

Pearson SuccessNet Plus


One of the school's online learning tools (class books, etc.), SuccessNet Plus.

Pearson SuccessNet


One of the school's online learning tools (class books, etc.), SuccessNet.


Huntsville City Schools Weebly Page


The Weebly site contains valuable information for teachers, parents, students and community on using our HCS Digital Curriculum through SchoolNet (Pearson) - it provides some of the same information here plus links to specific courses/curriculums.

More at Huntsville City Schools

To find all these links and more visit Huntsville City School's Parent's Resource Page.
If your child has a medical condition then make sure to fill out the multiple Medical Forms.

InfoSnap & Snapcode

InfoSnap is an online student registration process. To register all families must review/enter their information using their SnapCode. This must be done every year and if you have been part of the HCS system, the information should already be accessible to review. Your child's Snapcode will be mailed to you annually or you can find it on the iNow site on the Demographics page.
For new families, they will have to create an account as part of the registration process.

New Century Technology High School

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